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Cricut cartridges have 100’s of designs within the main shapes, the 6 creative features on this great paper doll dress up cartridge enable you to cut not only the image shapes but also layers, clothes, hair, shoes, toys, accessories to go with the theme of the paper doll and icon shape. The features can be used on any shape on the cartridge.

The blackout feature is used if you want only your shape to be cut without any pattern. The accessory features enables you to cut shapes that coincide with each other for example a bride would have the main body, hair, tiara, wedding cake, shoes floral arch ect and you then use all the shapes to make your project. Even if you only owned 1 cartridge you would never run out of ideas because the cartridges have so many different shapes and sizes for you to cut on your Cricut machine.

  • Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut cartridge
  • Book, cartridge & overlay included in the storage box
  • Each character will cut from 1” to 24”
  • Creative Features include Headwear, Accessories 1, 2 & 3, Tabs, & Blackout
  • Dress up paper dolls, icon shapes, headwear, clothes and lots more…
  • Can be used with all your Cricut machines

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