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Heartfelt Creations

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Exploring an interactive album that reveals secret pockets and ever expanding flip folds is always a fun and delightful adventure. Now you can achieve this seemly complex effect without the anxiety and confusion of having to manually design and create each of those pockets and flip folds yourself! Included in each packet of inserts are an assortment of flip fold panels and pockets in various sizes and configurations, allowing you the option to add different elements and interest to your creation. Have fun choosing any combination of inserts to incorporate into your project. Simply fold along the score lines of your elements and enjoying the process of decorating the pieces and adding them to your album.

  • Pocket and Flipfold Inserts D – White
  • Includes 5 White Pocket & Inserts
    • Pocket/Flip Fold Insert a – 24.0″ x 9.75″ & 5 sections of pockets/flip folds
    • Pocket/Flip Fold Insert b – 12.0″ x 11.0″ & 2 sections of pockets/flip folds
    • Pocket/Flip Fold Insert c – 12.25″ x 10.5″ & 3 sections of pockets/flip folds
    • Pocket/Flip Fold Insert d – 15.0″ x 8.25″ & 3 sections of pockets/flip folds
  • Paper Weight – 85 Lb or 230 gsm
  • Heartfelt Creations – Pockets & Albums

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