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Ice Resins Iced Enamels program is a unique Cold Enameling system for permanent adhesion of color on metal. Their custom system of enameling powders, enameling medium and Ice Resin work symbiotically to create a permanent, jeweler’s grade bond of color on all types of metals, from precious metals to base metals. Iced Enamels were expressly developed for creative people who enjoy the look of torch-fired or kiln-fired enamels. This system creates a permanent Cold Enameling bond that will never rub off, fade or yellow over time.

  • Iced Enamels Relique – Carnelian
  • Includes 1 – 1/2oz (15ml) jar of Relique Powder
  • Developed by artist Susan Lenart Kazmer
  • Lightly sand your metal bezel or piece with sandpaper
  • Apply thin coat of Iced Enamels Medium to surface
  • Sprinkle Iced Enamels Powder onto surface
  • Gently shake-off excess
  • Melt Iced Enamels Powders with craft heat gun
  • WARNING: Heat the metal from the underside at first, as much as possible
  • Build up additional layers of Iced Enamels as you like
  • Let completely cool
  • Seal with Ice Resin
  • Let dry 6 to 12 hours
  • Ice Resin – Iced Enamels – Relique Powder

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